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Basically, an exclusive use or copyrighting grants the buyer sole ownership to a product. In the case of web designs, this means the buyer can alter, resell or redistribute the graphics or content without permission or link from the producer. Without the exclusive use right, the buyer is required to including a clearly visible link, (textual or graphical), back to the producer on every page where the graphic resides.

In all instances, Altaira Enterprises retains the copyright (if one hasn't been purchased). You retain the exclusive right for the graphics you bought, but you are not allowed to resell, alter, or redistribute the graphics. You may however add text to the blank buttons and the blank header. All suites are linkware unless you have purchased the full Exclusive Use license.


Linkware simply means that a link icon or text to the producer is placed on the site and must not be altered or removed from the site without express permission.
This applies for both custom and existing sets. To purchase a license, just check the applicable box in your order form. After purchasing, the set will be entirely yours; meaning you can alter, distribute or sell the graphics and links to neither Altaira or the design agent is required. A copy of the license is sent to your e-mail address for your records and proper documentation of the licensing is then recorded in our database for future reference.

* Note: The copyright license varies for templates, graphics and text graphics. Please refer to these sections for a price listing.
After licensing, the site will be removed from both Altaira's and the design agent's web site and will not be available to any buyer.Once a site has been uploaded to your server, an exclusive license cannot be purchased. Since Altaira routinely sells the same graphics, the foreseeable conflict of course is the likelihood that a duplicate site or graphic could be uploaded to another customer's server. In this case, some form of communication between the customers would have to occur to determine who would receive the license. This applies to both commercial and personal sites.
This Agreement is made between the owners and graphic artists of Altaira Enterprises and the purchaser of graphics residing on Altaira-Muse's website (the Purchaser). By purchasing these graphics and graphic-related material(s), you accept all the following terms and conditions of this agreement:

• We, Altaira Enterprises, are the sole and exclusive owners of the relevant marketing and licensing rights to these graphics and graphic-related material(s). To the Purchaser, we hereby grant a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use the stated graphics upon the terms and conditions herein.

• You (the Purchaser) are allowed to: (a) Use one copy of the purchased graphics at one workstation at one time. Multiple workstations require the purchases of additional licenses. (b) Make no more than one copy of the purchased graphics for backup purposes. (c) Not copy, reproduce, transmit, upload, or distribute the purchased graphics to any third party without my prior written consent. (d) Use the purchased graphics for any sots of graphic creation.

• These graphics may be for personal or professional use. The Graphic Object (i.e. raster web graphic, logo, ad copy, etc.) created and distributed through Altaira Enterprises, whether in electronic or physical form may be resold or redistributed by the Purchaser, however the graphics themselves, whether whole or in part, cannot.

Important: If you are a freelance graphic artist and you purchase these graphics to design a website or graphic for a company, the company must in turn buy their own copies/license of said graphics. They are not allowed to use the purchased graphics on your license.

We are not liable to the Purchaser for any loss or damage whatsoever caused arising directly or indirectly in connection with using the purchased graphics.

• The Purchaser acknowledges that any and all of the trademarks, trade names, copyrights, patents and other intellectual property rights used or embodied in or in connection with any graphics purchased or otherwise, shall be and remain the sole property of Altaira Enterprises.
Normally one the following links is placed on a website upon its completion or whenever an exclusive use license has not been purchased. Clicking on any one of them takes the viewer to Altaira-Muse's homepage.



Special note: Without an exclusive use license, any or all portions of a design may be re-used. However, designs are generally not resold without modifications, (colors, textures, effects), to the design. Every design is therefore classified as an "original design".