Getting Started

Select each heading for instructions on how to accomplish each of the following steps.


Import the database table into your database

A database table has been provided for you to use with this Solution Pack. Click the link for instructions on importing this table into your MySQL database.


Update the database connection file

Specify your database credentials in the localhost.php database connection file.


Modify the WA_Globals.php file

The WA_Globals.php file allows you to change various important settings to customize how the User Registration Solution Pack pages work on your site.

  1. Specify your site root URL
  2. Customize CAPTCHA and security features
  3. Specify Email server
  4. Configure Email Subjects and From Addresses
  5. Change the Administrator username and password

Configuring the Administrative back-end

The Administrative back-end requires a username and password that you will need to configure before you can access these pages. Additional instructions on how to utilize the pages provided are included in this document.



Incorporate into your site

Once your User Registration Solution Pack pages function as desired, you are ready to apply your site's design and create the necessary link to incorporate these pages into your site. Click the link for guidance on possible steps you can take to accomplish this.