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Okay, I've got an idea of what I want my site to do and maybe even what I want it to look like, so what's next?

• Purchase a domain name for your site. (example: www.johnsonwindows. com) There are a myriad of companies that can do this, but we recommend using the same company that will provide the actual webspace where your site will reside.

You can do this yourself by searching on the web, or we can do it for you. Usually, you register the domain name in yearly increments, and they cost around $15 a year for registration. This is necessary in order to distinguish your site from any other on the web. If you would like us to purchase the domain name we require the cost up front.

• Purchase your webspace. Essentially, you're buying a "parking place" for your site and giving it a name like reserved parking slots at any office building. Again, you can do this or we can. As with domain names, if we perform this service for you, we require the full amount up front.

• Now comes the fun part - choosing your template. With A-M. you can pick your template right away without worrying about how much an expensive designer will charge. To explain our template options, here's a quick chart to follow:

webDirect templates you download a pre-existing template from our site and populate with your data. You then upload the template to your webspace for publishing
scratch-built templates these are templates that don't exist on our site. sometimes a customer doesn't see a template that suits their requirements, and a new site has to be built
pre-existing templates any template already resident on our website. hint: pre-existing templates save time and money!

The next step is deciding whether you want to license your site. If you own a business and don't want duplicate-looking sites on the net, then an exclusive use license is what you need. Keep in mind that if an exclusive use license is not purchased, the template you've chosen can be re-used. see our licensing section.

After you've chosen your template, it's time to populate it with your content. You provide us with the text and images that you want to go on your site and we put them together with the template you've chosen. Usually, we can have your site built and published within seven days. Depending on the volume of customer requests and web cooperation, it can be sooner or later. Normally, after the site is published to the web, it takes a minimum of three days for global name servers to "resolve" or acknowledge the presence of the new site and for users to actually be able to find your site on the web.

What's next? You enjoy your new website and let it go to work for you!