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These links for those customers who download templates (webDirect) and choose to manipulate the template themselves. Altaira-Muse takes no responsibility for the claims of the companies producing these software titles nor any damages that may result to templates from using these products.

PNG Software (Portable Network Graphics)

eDitor Demo
Editor is an All-In-One
Size: 341KB License: Demo Price: N/A

JBatch It! 4.50
Automated Batch JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF Editor
Size: 4657K License: Shareware Price: $29.95 By: iRedSoft Technology Inc

Active GIF Creator 2.22
Powerful tool for animated GIF creation
Size: 4045K License: Shareware Price: $35.00

HTML Editors

Notetab Light
This is the freeware sibling of the commercial Standard and Pro versions. It is a general text editor that has lots of features, including a useful "Clipbook" facility that has numerous HTML editing conveniences. Its commercial cousin Notepad Pro comes with syntax highlighting. (Note: to get Notetab Light, click the Products link.)

HAPedit (HTML ASP PHP Editor)
HAPedit is useful for people who develop both dynamic and static web pages. It provides syntax highlighting for HTML, ASP, PHP, JavaScript; provides a project manager; features code completion, an SQL console, FTP manager, PHP code "compilation", integrated PHP help, brace matching, search and replace with regular expressions, statistics on your page (ie, rendered size, images, links, etc), and so on. This is a Windows program.

Notepad++ is a source code text editor with syntax highlighting (C, C++, Java, C#, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, ASP, SQL, Objective-C, etc), multiple document handling using tabs, auto-completion of keywords (customizable), regular expressions in the search and replace function, macro recording and playback, brace and indent highlighting, collapsing and expanding of sections of code (to zoom in and out of pieces of code such as to provide an outline overview of your text/code), etc.

PSPad is a full featured text editor that you can use to edit HTML, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, C, etc. It even has built-in facilities allowing you to edit binary files. There is project support, the ability to directly edit files via FTP on your server, a macro recorder, search and replace in files, text comparison (differences between two files with the differences highlighted in colour), syntax highlighting, spell checking, internal HTML preview using IE and Mozilla, integrated HTML TIDY (for validating HTML code and fixing them), code explorer for Pascal, HTML, PHP, XML (etc), matched bracket highlighting, etc.

Quanta Plus Web Development Tool
Quanta Plus is a Linux HTML editor for KDE. It contains an assortment of features such as syntax highlighting, easy configuration of toolbars, site uploading facility, the ability to update a site from CVS (with a plugin), document structure tree, etc.