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Use of Altaira-Muse products and services

• All graphics, commentary, or other intellectual property is the sole property of Altaira Enterprises and as such is protected by all copyright laws.
The elements of this website, including text, graphics, logos, designs and photographs, are protected by United States and international copyright laws. They should not be reproduced or used without express permission from Altaira Enterprises or other stated agents or persons. More information on copyrighting can be found here.

• Templates and graphics featured on the Altaira-Muse website are intended for display purposes only and designed to help the viewer initiate a concept for his or her own website.

• Templates (purchased or unpurchased) remain the property of Altaira Enterprises unless an exclusive use license is purchased. Exclusive use licensing removes the template and any unique graphics, function or capabiity from the Altaira-Muse website and renders it unavailable for future purchases.

• By purchasing the graphics and web elements contained in the templates provided by Altaira or any of its design agents, the user is agreeing to abide by the exclusive use or copyright laws. Further, no element of said graphics or text may be used on “linkware or linked sites” that promote pornography or other lude subject materials.

Privacy Policy

• Our privacy policy simply states that any correspondence, access or retrieval of any information or transaction between Altaira Enterprises, its owners or operators and any third party is used soley for the intended recipient and that recipient only.

As such, any correspondence, access or retrieval of any information is hereby named as Private, Priviledged and Confidential. Any electronic correspondence, or attachment transmitted with it are likewise considered private, priviledged and confidential.

Any unauthorized review, dissemination, disclosure, alteration, printing and circulation of any correspondence between Altaira Enterprises and its intended recipient will be constituted as unlawful and subject to applicable laws and revisions.