Puppy Training – Where To Start

Training at this stage of a puppy’s life should focus on simple associations and later on socialization when the puppy is around three weeks old. Socialization period includes social investigation, playful fighting and playful sexual behavior. These things are essential to help puppy develop social relationship as he grows. Participation in local shows involves having the dog regularly examined and vaccinated by the proper veterinary authorities to meet all health requirements and to comply with special rules and regulations and acceptable practices in order to have your pet ready for showing.

A lot of effort and time is spent on the on training and refining correct postures for sitting, heeling, trotting and standing and for running the circle and the obstacle course with the handler These are basic behavior in show dog training, irrespective of the breed of the dog. Another common quality in show dogs not related to its breed or pedigree is the ability for the dog to be very patient and relaxed and not fidget while waiting to be judged and while being handled by the judges.

1 to 2 Months – your typical puppy begins cheering and playing with small items. 3 Months – your puppy enjoys chasing things in responding to his or her name. 4 Months – puppy begins to respond to simple commands and will heed when beckoned. However, all dogs, big and small, young and old, can benefit from dog training. Dog training can take your puppy from a cute little mess to an ideal housemate and beyond. The start: puppy training The majority of dog training for puppies is designed to make them better household companions.

Dog training is used by other owners to teach dogs to pull sleds, run agility courses, or do other activities. This level of dog training requires a strong bond between dog and owner, as well as a willing subject. Dog training at this level is not something that you can do once and then go on with your life – it requires daily practice and commitment. The emotional state of the dog is important in Labrador training. There are various methods in training a dog, the most widely used is the positive training method.

Labrador training should start early, about a week or two after a puppy is born. It is therefore, extremely important to understand the size of the dog you are thinking of getting and also importantly, the development stages of the dog within the first 18 months which is considered to be the primary growing period. Other considerations to take into account in terms of your puppy and eventual size are his or her exercise regime, its grooming requirements, and it’s likely personality or temperament.


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