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Possibly one of the things that sets Altaira-Muse apart from any other developer is its outreach program. We wholeheartedly believe in not only giving back but being involved in our community.

One of the ways we try to give back is through our Veterans and religious programs. Basically, if you have a veteran-owned business or run a religious foundation, we provide some of our basic templates for use at no charge. These templates can be downloaded from our site and manipulated by someone with HTML or XML experience.

Our goal is to provide these entities with a starting point to help them succeed. In these extremely trying economic times, every little bit can help. We hope we can in some small way.

If you are an affiliate, we encourage similar type offerings to these type of organizations. If for no other reason, it's a good feeling. And couldn't we all use that once in a while?

Altaira-Muse takes great pride in supporting communities in any way we can. In most cases, we do not charge for services for community centers, children's or adult outreach programs or church-based activities. These are the cornerstones of our society and avenues to better citizenship for all.

A-M is currently involved in trying to initiate peer mentorship programs in local schools through the guidance and oversight of local city governments and education organizations.

What can one company do? Maybe not as much as we'd like, but any start is a good one, and we'd be honored to partner with any one to help better our communities.

All it takes is an idea and a sincere desire to help. How about you?