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Level I Support - Graphic and coding support for one year. This package includes the repair of any faulty links or any other deficiencies caused by the designer. Graphic support under this package similarly covers all design flaws that causes any graphic not to display or to be displayed incorrrectly as the original design was intended.
Cost - $25/annum (Personal), $50/annum (Commercial)

Level II Support - Same options as "A" but covers a two year period and multiple sites. e.g., if you purchased a business design and a personal design, this one package would cover both.*
Cost - $45/annum (Personal), $90/annum (Commercial)

* Note: Both designs must be purchased simultaneously in order to be eligible for this package.

For many businesses, routine additions to websites may be required. Scheduled site maintenance refers to weekly or monthly updates/changes as such need arises. This option is separate from the normal upkeep of websites and is geared towards large content sites consisting of 50 images or more or 10 pages of linked textual content
We base pricing for SSM on one standard 3-hour day per week to be devoted to your site. In other words, regardless if it takes more than 3 hours a week to completely and satisfactorily update your website, we only charge for 3 hours

Package A - The base fee for SSM is $45 per hour. Based on this criteria, a commercial site that is updated weekly would cost $3,600/ per annum.

Package B - Monthly updates would be $900/per annum. These fees are paid in split payments, unless otherwise requested by the customer. The first payment is due upon completion of the website and customer agreement. The second payment is due at the sixth month mark.

Ad-Hoc - There is a third option for SSM, and that is pay as you go. For those sites that don't require regulary scheduled maintenance, you can pay as the need arises. The hourly fee of $35 applies for this option as well.
If you have any questions regarding these options please contact our service desk.