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We have several options for you to choose from. Carefully consider which would be the best choice for you or your company. To view the gallery, click here
You purchase a pre-designed template set and we customize it with your unique content and upload the site to your webspace for you. Hassle-free experience!
Template Sets are only $250
With licensing $250 -  what's this?
You purchase a pre-designed template set and download it from our site. Next, you customize and upload the template to your webspace yourself. A great money saver!
webDIRECT TEMPLATES are only $110
With licensing $250 -  what's this?
Single-page template that relay your basic contact and product information. This is the quickest way to get your business on the web. Time and cost effective!
Information Templates are only $85
With licensing $250 -  what's this?
K.I.S.S FORMAT (Keep It Simply Static)
We offer our templates in two formats - K.I.S.S and Flash™ standard. Simply static means the templates are not FLASH enabled. They still function as any other site, but without the fancy animation. The reason? Many consumers still use browsers that are not FLASH-enabled thus preventing them from experiencing all the cool FLASH functionality. Further, even if their browsers are FLASH-enabled, they don't want to wait through annoying and time-wasteful "loading" prompts, or messages that they need to download the latest FLASH plug-in in order to see your site.

K.I.S.S sites still feature HTML-enabled functions such as rollovers, special menu and navigation functions and are compliant with all browsers.