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Altaira's maintenance plan fall into two categories - Preventive or Restorative Maintenance and Scheduled Site Maintenance (SSM).

Preventive and Restorative maintenance merely ensures your site is operational and functioning within the same parameters as when you first purchased it. Scheduled Site Maintenance refers to changing, adding or deleting files on a regularly scheduled cycle. For example, some department stores require updating of their websites every week due to ever-changing inventory, price changes and so forth. If this is what you require, see the SSM option below.

Depending on what support package you opted for, you may have one, both or neither. Please read the following sections carefully on support and maintenance agreements.

Maintenance support for graphics is provided in the form of changing graphic content to either accomodate a new look or correcting existing problems in graphic design. Generally, correcting graphic problems entails changing unsafe web colors, improper display of graphics, text or page aesthetics. In any case, the changes can only be accomplished without charge if the problem was due to faulty design and not because of changes in customer desires. Further, the problems must affect the actual operation of the site, i.e. the page will not display. For any other instance a maintenance agreement has to be purchased, or hourly charges will be levied.

CODING (html/java)
Covers any faults in hypertext links, rollovers, javascripts or page display. This does not include incorporating newer release java or html products into web sites, unless such releases are necessary to the proper operation of the site in newer browsers. In this case, the option will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

In general, the support options are only instituted to: (1) correct inherent problems with a web site caused by the producer. (2) correct problems due to improper posting of a web site, (due to disemmination error). The producer will not make improvements or enhancements to a site that weren't considered in the initial release.

IMPORTANT! Under no circumstances will any support option cover the "makeover" of a site