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A-M affiliates are business owners just like you! We network with other businesses to enhance and expand our own. Word of mouth or word of web referrals are key to viable competition in any market.

Here's a fact: Affiliate marketing—using one website to drive traffic to another—is a form of online marketing, which is frequently overlooked by conventional advertisers. Why lose business when you can advertise on several websites for little or no money?

What's involved with affiliation? With us, it's merely the addition of your business link to our website. A recipcrocal link is added on your website and a recommendation to any other businesses you may be familiar with and the process begins.

We list our affiliates with great personal and professional pride. Affiliate referrals to A-M receive ten percent off the purchase of any web or graphic design product or similar service. Additionally, these businesses are listed on the A-M website for maximum visibility and exposure at no cost. With simultaneous exposure to multiple audiences on multiple levels, success is virtually assured for all.

Affiliate marketing gets results! Are you ready to cash in on this useful and productive tool? If so, please fill out with this Affiliation Form. Thank you for your time and your business!

Begin your affiliation here.